Bobsled CBD is a women-run, family company based in Portland, Oregon. Our 100% organic hemp is sourced right here in Oregon.  We are committed to a healthy, holistic, natural lifestyle, complete with the finest CBD available. We believe passionately in the therapeutic benefits of CBD, and we are confident you too will be amazed with the results!

Bobsled was founded in loving memory by the family of Robert “Bobby” Sweeney III, aka “Bobsled.” Sadly, we lost Bobby far too soon to opioids, but we carry his memory here at Bobsled everyday. It is our life’s work to bring people natural, effective, non-lethal and non-habit forming alternatives to pain management. We do it all for Bobsled!


How we extract hemp oil

We extract hemp using the most advanced method on the market today. The LunaTech hydrocarbon extraction machine uses automated processes to ensure processed hemp oils are natural and consistent.

Hemp Extraction Machine
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